Most Popular Plants from Our 2019 Spring Dig

Growing trees is a lot like keeping up with fashion. Styles and trends are constantly changing. At Turtle Creek Nursery, we’d like to share with you a few of the trending trees this spring to help spark some ideas for this upcoming autumn.

Our Top Sellers of the 2019 Spring Season

With the busiest part of our spring dig behind us, we’ve officially had the opportunity to reflect on a few of the most popular plants of the season so far.

1) Sugar Maples

A tree that is native to the Midwest, this long-lasting, well-shaped, and sturdy tree provides seasonal intrigue to any landscape.

With beautiful color variations come fall, this tried and true variety provides cooling shade, promotes wildlife, and is currently experiencing a significant boom in popularity.

2) Skyline Honeylocusts

As a shade tree staple within the industry, our Skyline Honeylocusts feature strong, central leaders and nice, even branching for a very clean overall presentation.

This well-balanced, fast-growing tree offers a pleasant and subtle presence as well as a strong resiliency in a variety of soil conditions, making it one of 2019’s best-selling varieties.

3) Swamp White Oaks

Don’t let the name put you off – these versatile and broad shade trees have grown incredibly popular within the industry. Featuring leaves of dark, shiny green above and silvery, white beneath and rough, textured bark, Swamp White Oaks grow well in many types of conditions.

These hot commodities sport a strong visual interest and mature much more quickly than other oak varieties.

4) Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Of course, we cannot go without mentioning the ultra-popular Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry, which is always in high demand. As a premium producer of this beautiful plant material, we, at Turtle Creek Nursery, are thrilled to provide this showy variety with multi-season appeal.

Featuring a lovely spring flower, summer berry (which attracts many species of birds), and gorgeous fall foliage, you truly can’t go wrong with this top-selling plant.

Inventory Update: What Do We Have Left?

Spring Dig 2019

Although this spring presented many challenges (namely the random, snowy weather!), we still managed to move plenty of inventory as well as broaden our horizons with both new and returning customers.

For those of you interested in purchasing high-quality plant material to close out the season, we still have a number of varieties available, including:

  • Crabapple trees
  • Oaks
  • Elms
  • Red maples, including Redpointe

Our B&B Boxwoods will also be available soon. We have a number of Green Velvet Boxwoods (21″ to 30″) to enhance any landscape.

Fortunately, we did not experience damage from the Deep Freeze of 2019. They are green and beautiful!

Our product is moving fast, so be sure to give us a call at 262-214-2058 for updates on plant material availability.

Want a Tour of Our Facilities?

Summer is the perfect time to come take a closer look at our 200-acre, family-owned and operated wholesale tree nursery.

Schedule a guided tour of our grounds, view our plant material inventory, and start planning for fall! Feel free to give us a call at 262-214-2058 to coordinate a time that works for you.